19 Jul

Key Points in Intel’s Upcoming Q2 2018 Earnings Call

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Intel’s Q2 2018 updates

Intel (INTC) has been at the center of industry discussion in the second quarter. Its chips were exposed to two more variants of the Spectre flaw, its 10nm (nanometer) node was delayed until 2019, and its former CEO told an analyst that the company might lose some server processor market share to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). Its second-quarter earnings call might answer some questions around the latest updates.

Key Points in Intel’s Upcoming Q2 2018 Earnings Call

Progress on a new CEO

On June 21, when Intel announced Brian Krzanich’s resignation, the board of directors stated that it was searching for a new CEO internally and externally. Then came the news that the former head of Intel’s Data Center Group, Diane Bryant, resigned from Google (GOOG) where she headed its cloud business operations.

In its upcoming earnings call, Intel’s interim CEO, Bob Swan, is expected to provide details on the progress on the search for a new chief executive officer.

Progress on 10nm

Intel’s delays in 10nm are problematic, as AMD announced plans to launch its 7nm chips in 2019. Also, TSMC (TSM) claims that its 7nm node would be competitive with Intel’s 10nm node. Intel’s management is expected to provide information on how the 10nm yield is progressing.

Data center competitiveness

According to CNBC, Nomura Instinet analyst Romit Shah stated that in a meeting, Krzanich indicated that Intel could lose some server processor market share to AMD by the end of 2018. Intel issued an email response that it was tapping broader opportunities in the data center market and was ready for competition. However, Intel might shed more light on this issue in its upcoming earnings call.

US-China trade war

Intel announced its 5G progress in China and its AI partnership with Chinese Internet giant Baidu (BIDU). At the earnings call, Intel might explain how the US-China trade war could impact its operations in China. Next, we’ll look at Intel’s collaboration with China.

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